Azita M. Mojarad

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Azita’s law firm speaks several languages, making them easy and comfortable to work with for anyone who does not speak fluent English. This accessibility widens her client base, making it possible for her firm to experience a variety of cases, preparing them for any legal situation. The languages her firm speaks are English, Persian, Spanish, French, and West African languages.

Azita M. Mojarad has years of success as a family law and divorce attorney.  Her expertise covers many areas of practice including business and financial law, immigration, real estate, property, and criminal matters.   As a Chicago divorce lawyer, she handles a wide range of cases involving matrimonial issues such as divorce, legal separation, premarital and post-nuptial agreements, custody and support actions, domestic violence, parentage actions, visitation, the distribution of marital property, and post-decree matters.

Azita M. Mojarad is one of only a few multi-lingual attorneys in the Chicago area. Her Chicago law firm is able to work with and provide counsel to people who come from many cultural backgrounds without a language barrier. She began her multilingual firm in part as a result of her schooling and impressive educational background, which she diligently applies to her practice as a whole and to each case she handles.   Azita graduated from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and North Park University in Chicago.  She also graduated from Tehran University in Tehran, Iran, as well as Cambridge University in Cambridge, England.


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