Can I break an annuity from an auto accident settlement?

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Here are the facts. It’s hard to reveal annuities. The intent behind an annuity is to force the insurance companies payment of the settlement investment trusts over time rather than in one lump sum payment. In your billet, because you were underage at the time of the colonization, your parents only alternative to an annuity would have been to have a lump sum payment and laid it in the bank for you. The interest realized over the past four yrs would have been unimportant compared to the interest group gained placing the investment companies in a integrated settlement annuity.

You could try to get a courtroom to set aside the annuity, which doesn’t seem very likely to happen. The only other option, which would not be wise in your spot, is finding a company that purchases structured settlements from personal injury victims. Usually these companies will pay you 20 to 50 cents on the one dollar bill and purchase your right to future requital’s. You’ll be giving up a significant amount of money if you prefer this option.

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