Autombile Accident Injures High School Football Player in Tampa

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Even cautious, careful drivers can be involved in car crashes. Taking the proactive choice of driving defensively does not mean you are immune to being in a wreck. Sometimes other drivers fail to abide by the rules of the road due to many reasons some being driver distractions including talking or texting on a cell phone, passenger interference and drug or alcohol impairment. Such was the case when a young high school athlete of a successful tampa florida team was struck by a car failing to adhere to the right of way traffic laws and made an illegal left hand turn into the path of the student athlete who’s passenger was none other than his grandmother.

According to Tampa Police Department spokesperson Andrea Davis, Rice was traveling southbound on the inside lane at about 35 mph when a car driven by Jennifer Bondi turned left at 10-15 mph, violating the right of way.

Luckily the student was not hurt except for a sore knee however his grandmother will require surgery for injuries sustained to her wrist and rib cage. The cost of the medical treatment will undoubtedly be steep in which case the negligent driver’s insurance should compensate the victim; however this is not always the case. At that point a victim should seek the assistance of a qualified tampa automobile accident attorney who is experienced in such matters but also in other practice areas of personal injury for example as a slip fall attorney in tampa.

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