California Attorney, Kevin M. Zietz

Filed Under (California) by Editor on 11-05-2010

Attorney Kevin M. Zietz joined Kingsley & Kingsley in 2004 to assist the firm with its class action work. Mr. Zietz has been involved in many complex litigation matters in the personal injury field as well as wage and hour and other employment matters.

Mr. Zietz also assists the firm in its insurance litigation practice, holding insurance companies accountable when they mistreat the insured in bad faith actions. Although Mr. Zietz handles property loss claims, claims arising from the denial of uninsured motorist coverage, health insurance claims, and life insurance claims, he specializes in representing disabled employees who have been denied total disability and residual disability benefits pursuant to individual disability policies, and employees who have been denied short term and long term disability pursuant to group disability plans governed by ERISA.


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